OFF-GRID LIKA 10 system

Our hybrid converter allows you to be autonomous in terms of power generation, and make light cuts a distant memory!


12 panels of 275 W


1 Ortronic inverter with 10 kWh of power


Warehouse of 13.8 kWh Lithium batteries – (20 years usage time)


Structure of photovoltaic panels.

What is it for?

  • Houses isolated from the power grid
  • Residential consumption
  • Illumination
  • Sound equipment
  • TV
  • Fans
  • Computers
  • Fridge / Freezer

Greater Autonomy

Our unique current converter optimizes the use of energy, increasing the autonomy of the installation up to 30%.

Higher performance

Our technology uses neither filters nor transformers, so the overall losses of the system are reduced and we achieve an efficiency of 90% for 1.5% of connected power and greater than 95% for more than 3% with a maximum of 98%.


Lithium batteries offer numerous advantages compared to traditional batteries: longer life, do not emit gases, cannot explode, are flame retardant, need less space, and can be stored anywhere in the house.

More Connection

Our app you can track in real time the performance of your hybrid inverter for solar self-consumption from your computer, tablet or smartphone by connecting to the Ortronic platform.