We transform solar energy into electricity for your home

Ortronic Home

Thanks to the Ortronic patent, your home will always have available energy, independently from the grid and protected from any variation in consumption

ORTRONIC HOME is the best option

  • You have all the energy your home needs, AT ANY TIME

  • No interruption of power supply nor electricity bill since you are not connected to the grid

  • Our mobile application ensures that everything is under your control

  • Ortronic Home is an integral solution, designed for your comfort.

During the Day

The 12 solar panels of the ORTRONIC HOME system provide you with all the energy you need in your home life, intelligently adapting the energy flow to consumption, without variation and with 97% efficiency The system ensures that your batteries remain permanently charged.

The 6 Lithium batteries of the ORTRONIC HOME system have 9.5kWh of capacity for you to use at night, which ensure that you can have a peaceful rest, enjoying your home.



Why lithium batteries?

The ORTRONIC HOME system uses exclusively Lithium batteries to store electricity.


During the entire discharge, the voltage delivered by the battery remains constant


You don’t have to wait for them to download before recharging them


The lifespan of our lithium batteries is much longer than the rest and can reach up to 30 years.


They do not ignite, explode nor emit any radiation. Neither do they contain polluting substances such as cadmium or lead.

It has a management and control APP that connects via WI-FI or Bluethoot and allows remote access through any device.

The ORTRONIC System monitoring and control App allows you at all times to know the status of your supply and optimize your consumption

It also allows remote access from our technical service in order to provide you with a better service

In Argentina we have reach a trade agreement with three of the largest sustainable urban developments in the country, allowing that more than 3,000 homeowners can rely on sustainable and safe energy