Technical characteristics

Management & Smart Connectivity

The Ortronic® system complements its high performance with a sophisticated control system of its peripherals and a flexibility of connectivity and interactivity with its environment, due to the appropriate combination of the advanced technologies available in the market. This allows adapting to any type of local or remote management requirement.

Intelligent Operation Management

The Intelligent Control module (PC Embedded) provides complementary functions to the power generation system.

It allows to relate and coordinate the operation of the different modules of the LIKA 10 such as the control of the efficient charge of the batteries, optimizing the use and their protection.

It allows the incorporation of different external parameters (such as weather) to optimize stored energy and even prioritize the most critical devices in the home.

Local Maintenance Interface

The technician has an application on Smartphone that allows him to access specific parameters that will translate possible failure and alternative solutions in the field. He can also manually access specific test points and relay them to a Level 1 center for field support, if necessary.

User Interface

Through an application on his Smartphone, the user interface must allow the visualization and control of the LIKA10, in order to have an efficient administration of the stored energy resource.

Remote Management Interface

All systems connect remotely with our remote server, which stores the data for online processing allowing monitoring of performance and proper working process and also performance monitoring for remote support and improvement evolution. In addition it allows data post-processing for future Big-Datamanagement.