Electrical Conversion

Off grid installations

The variability of consumption

House installations have very variable consumption over time. Electric devices such as washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, water pressure pumps, etc., work very few hours a day. Most of the time only the radio or television works and it is not profitable to keep the generator running to power the smalldevices.

The Lika generator only works to charge the batteries, that is to say, in a standard house about three hours per day at most. The rest of the time you have no spare consumption.

The power delivered by the Lika is 10 Kw with peak capacity of up to 36 kW, which is enough for all the devices of a single-family home .

Conversion losses from continuous to alternate

All converters on the market, with power exceeding 5 Kw have yields of between 10% and 30% when they operate with low powers (the same occurs for generators).

The performance of any Lika system, with any operating power, is greater than 90%.

Performance / Power

The following figure shows the typical performance curve of the converters as a function of the load power

Performance / Power

The following figure shows the performance of Lika for any of the powers we manufacture

Recover reactive energy.

Lika recovers reactive energy in a percentage greater than 90%.

The high internal consumption

Any converter on the market, with power equal to or greater than 10 kW., even when it has nothing connected to its output, consumes thousands of watts, which represents a high consumption spent from the warehouse without any utility.

Any Lika system, with power equal to or greater than 10 kW, has an internal consumption of less than 2 watts.

The reduction of the size of the warehouse

With traditional investors, the yield losses added to the internal consumption and taking into account that they do not recover the reactive energy, force warehouse sizes that cannot be loaded in three hours.
With Lika, at an identical installation size, a warehouse several times smaller is needed.

Losses in the load transformer

In current installations, a transformer is used to adapt the generator voltage (photovoltaic panels, wind generator, etc.) to the capacity of the battery store.

Lika uses the number of batteries needed to reach 220 volts (or 110 volts), which can be charged directly from the generator, without using transformers. That implies greater simplicity of the converter and therefore lower costs and simplified maintenance.

Although we have limited ourselves here to present the advantages of LIKA for isolated systems of the Network, Ortronic technology is also applicable to three-phase motors, emergency systems, water pumping, water purification and desalination and other applications less conventional.