About us

About us

We are a multinational company dedicated to the research and development of new forms of energy generation and management.

Planning to be a B corporation

We are committed with generating a change in which consumers, workers,Community, investors and the Environment are taken into account in all our decisions.

Our objective is to combine the business with social contributions and the care of the habitat in the area in which we develop.


Develop technological solutions based on lowering our energy consumption.

Encourage the adoption of these technologies.


Replace polluting energy sources with clean technologies in order to achieve a neutral energy balance in which we do not consume more than the planet can produce annually.

Increase the energy efficiency of our artifacts and manufacturing processes.






B Corporation

How do we translate it to our reality
  • EnvironmentallyWe care about the environmental impact we have throughout the value chain, from the mode of production to the final disposal
  • Minimize the environmental impact on transport.
  • Find ways to compensate for pollution.
  • Measure our effects on the environment to know our real impact (transparency).
  • Take into account the life of the products and their final disposal (recycling of converters, batteries and panels).
  • SociallyBe a source of integration of people both internally and with society, participating in social projects.
  • EconomicallySeeking to develop a fair economy whose purpose is not profit but the creation of value for all Therefore, we will apply as B CORP as soon as posible.

Our Staff

Marcelo Javier Marincovich

President & CEO

Entrepreneur and investor in high tech and real estate companies.
CEO of “MJM Investments” dedicated to real estate development.


CTO Global

Electronic engineer with more than 20 years of international executive experience. He was CTO of the Telefónica Group for Latin America based in Brazil. How CTO of Ortronic leads a group of specialists and engineers.


CFO Global

MBA of the IAE in business administration with experience in various areas such as TV and Theater Producers, Gastronomy, Investment Advice and Ergonomic Design of homes. As CFO of Ortronic, it will coordinate the capitalization of the company with a focus on sustainability.


Business Angel

Experienced businessman in logistics, communication and performing arts company. Extensive experience in business negotiation at national and international level.


CEO Europe & leader of the scientific team

Industrial engineer from UPNA and MBA from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain. Mr. Jesús Pueyo has been in the development of Ortronic Technology since 2002.


Commercial Director Ortronic Global

Bachelor of business administration, managing partner of Soleventus SRL and with more than 8 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, marketing renewable energy products and solutions.

Ignacio Galindo

CEO of Alset

High-tech company specialized in hydrogen mobility – partnership with Aston Martin.

Carlos Uzal and Eduardo Aguirre

Communication lead Engineers

Carlos Uzal is an Electronics Engineer (UTN), specialized in Strategies and Technologies applied to the world of Electronic Communications. Extensive experience in positions of high responsibility in leading international companies such as Telefónica and GTE International.

Natxo Muñoz

CTO of Eulen Group

Service company with over 80.000 employees, 50 years’ experience and presence in 14 countries worldwide.


Inventor’s Story

Juan Ortigoza García, born on November 18, 1937, is the number 10 of 11 brothers all born in a small farm without electricity in Granada, Spain.At the age of 14, without knowing how to write or read, he begins thanks to his parents support, to study at a night school for the elderly.
Before his 15th birthday, his amazing advances allowed him to successfully pass the exams to enter a secondary education school.
At the age of 19 and with the best average of the course, he submitted to the entrance exam to the military academy of Zaragoza in which he was rejected for having diminished right eye vision. He then decides to move to Madrid to study engineering at the Superior Technical School for Armament and Construction where he chooses the specialty in Electronics.
The same year, Marconi Española SA offers him a work contract as an auxiliary student engineers of armament and construction of the Spanish exercise.
In 1961, age of 22 years, as technical laboratory manager, he carried out the technical reviews of the systems installed in the air bases in Europe and Africa.
Soon, he moved to the USAF (US AIR FORCE) where he works in Assistance Systems for Air Navigation, such as ANS (Aids Navigation Systems), Tacan, ILS, VOR and RADAR. Juan Ortigoza consistently stands out for his exceptional professional performance.


His eight years of work for the USAF gave him enough freedom to think about revolutionary inventions during his free time, a fact that happened frequently when there were no repairs or maintenance to attend. The highest percentage of his free time in the USAF was devoted to the study of the basic principles of alternating electricity, mainly its great inconsistencies such as the KVar reactive power and the uselessness of the ideal motor that did not resist Lenz’s law. He felts a special interest for knowing the source and origin of energy. Where is the gas station of the cosmos?
In 1965 there was great expectation in the USAF for the announcement of the landing of Mariner 4 on Mars. The USAF chiefs knew Juan’s interest in spaceflight and that is why his direct boss, Mr. Frederick Smith, sent a letter to NASA recommending him for his experience and abilities. He was proposed to be part of the Mariner 4 (first spacecraft to overfly successfully Mars) trip monitoring and control team until his landing on Mars. Juan was responsible for receiving the journalists at the end of the mission to explain its details.


After the mission of Mariner 4, Juan Ortigoza decides to start his journey as a scientist, inventor and entrepreneur towards the field of electric energy. In 1966 he began manufacturing and installing components of collective television antennas, creating the Electro Antenas Galeote company. In 1968 he reaches 168 employees and has its own branches in Bilbao, Málaga, Murcia, Seville and Victoria.


As an inventor he manages to build the first prototypes that use the reactive energy which he called by the name of  “Sequential converters”. He fundamentally analyze the ignorance that existed of the alternating electricity invented by Nikola Tesla. During this period he builds the first prototypes of the Ortronic I systems, of about 30 kilowatts.
Juan Ortigoza patents the procedures in Spain, the United States, Canada and Europe. Fundamentally based on the recovery, transformation and use of Reactive Energy, resulting in a free energy generated by inductive loads.
The first equipment was designed and manually manufactured by Juan Ortigosa and his team in the garage of his house in Galapar, Madrid, with the only publicity of the references given by the first users.The greatest advances in Ortronic technology began in 2010 with the Electric Power Multiplier, with a procedure patent registered at International level.
To achieve the necessary knowledge that would make it possible to multiply the useful power, Juan Ortigosa spent more than 30 years of his life in discovering the errors, inconsistencies and paradoxes of current knowledge of electricity and secondly in discovering new dimensions of electricity and its true laws. This has been his greatest, longest and heaviest technical challenge throughout his 30 years of career as a scientist.

Juan Ortigosa leaves us in January 2017 at age 80.


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